Quinta da Boavista

The iconic Quinta da Boavista is part of the first demarcation of the Douro region led by Marquês de Pombal in 1756 and is featured in the “Mappa do Paiz Vinhateiro do Alto Douro” created by Joseph James Forrester, in 1843.

Located near Pinhão, by the right bank of the Douro river, it is currently one of the most emblematic estates of the Demarcated Region, known not only for its historical connection to the Baron of Forrester, who lived there, but also for its 40 hectares of exquisite quality vineyards – some extremely old – that are spread over a dazzling geometric setting of terraces built by hand with the typical shale of the region. Some terraces go up to 8 metres high which, along with the extreme climate and dramatic inclination, compose a unique terroir.

Check Quinta da Boavista DOC Douro red wine collection, widely awarded by national and international wine critics, such as Robert Parker, Purple Pages Wine Enthusiast or Revista de Vinhos. 

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