About UVA WineShop

Uva WineShop is the result of a passionate enthusiasm for the world of wine, in particular for Port wine and all wines made in the Douro region. Our shop brings to you, in an easy and secure way, some of the best brands of wine from the Douro at the best price and with the guarantee of quality and authenticity given by one of the biggest wine producers in Portugal.

UVA was born out of Sogevinus Fine Wines' will to make its brands accessible to all and to transmit its five-centuries of wine expertise. Our portfolio includes special brands like Kopke – the oldest Port wine House, founded in 1638, Quinta da Boavista -  he cradle of an impressive variety of indigenous varieties and of many Vinhas Velhas (old vines), Cálem, owner of the most visited Port wine cellars in the world and the top selling Port wine label in Portugal, "Velhotes" – as well as the brands Burmester and Barros. All these brands are the perfect vehicle to take you on a wonderful journey through the mysteries and pleasures of the Douro, its Ports and its DOC wines – wines that are bold and full of personality.

Driven by a passion for the dazzling contours of the Douro, we will assist you in enjoying the pleasures and flavours of drinking great wines.

It was this joy that motivated our ancestors over five centuries of wine making, and the same joy will go on inspiring us over the centuries to come. We are proud to bring you the embodiment of the best of Douro: its unique terroir, grape varieties, steep hills, land and fruit.

Here's to you and many future toasts, Uva WineShop.