Established in 1859, Cálem tells a story through its wines of the adventure and boldness of its founder, António Alves Cálem.

Cálem is one of the most recognised brands of Port Wine, with a wide international reach and sales leadership in Portugal with the label Velhotes. Cálem's Port Wine Cellars are the most visited in the world. This entrusts Cálem with the role of welcoming ambassador to all those who visit our city and our cellars.

Now 160 years old, Cálem has not lost the adventurousness of its founder and has a whole range of wines for you to discover, from the traditional Tawny, Ruby and White ports to its most recent launch, Rosé port. Cálem's classic Vintage ports are one of its historical strengths. Cálem wines provide the consumer with a wide range of possibilities, also attesting the brand's quality and capacity for innovation.

Cálem is a world of wine. A Cálem wine is a wine for the world. 

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